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Psychic Readings

Readings will Help you By--

  • Receiving answers and clarity to your questions or concerns
  • Giving you direction and making you aware of areas of your life that need healing
  • Making you aware of your divine helpers
  • Allowing you to receive a healing from words received by your Higher Self and Spirit Guides
  • Letting you know what is true for you through your Higher Self  connection
  • Allowing your own interpretation of the cards to find your truths through your Higher Self connection

You can meet in person with Denise to receive your reading, or receive your reading via email and allow Higher Self and Spirit Guides to pick your oracle cards through Denise.  Either way, you will receive your session typewritten to review in the coming months.  Before your session find some quiet time to come up with a question for your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.  A session takes at least an hour.

Denise was first introduced to oracle cards when she was in massage school. She started to buy various oracle card decks and enjoys using them daily for inspiration and spiritual growth.  She took a class with a spiritual teacher who gave her direction as to how to perform oracle card readings.  Shortly after taking the class, she started receiving messages from Spirit after pulling the cards for the readings. 

Denise is now inviting you to receive a reading.  If you have questions or would like more information about the process, email or call her.  You will need to make an appointment with Denise before making a payment.   A reading cost $85.  Gift Certificates are available.

"Denise has a clear connection to Spirit and her reading is a true reflection of everything I know and feel and sense that Spirit is trying to communicate with me, if I would just stop and be quiet long enough to truly listen again.  I feel the truth of each of her messages to me.  I am going to follow through on the messages; they have touched me to the core of my being.  If you would like a true soul message from Spirit, go ahead and make a booking with Denise.  You won't be disappointed." -Avril, Sydney, Australia

"Yes, YOU ARE CLAIRVOYANT!  Really good work at a high level of insight/listening--I had several energetic shifts as I read it through, as if my angels and guides were right there with me, through your work." -Peace, Bernadette

"I gained tremendous insight from your reading,  You truly have a phenomenal gift.  Thank you for your generosity." - Monique

All payments for a reading go to Sacred Space and are made via "Paypal Secure Server".  You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment.  Thank you--peace and blessings!

Disclaimer:  Each client's psychic and oracle card reading consultation is subject to the client's own personal interpretation. 
The information provided does NOT constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. 
Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for her own choices and/or actions.


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